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Palmetto Women’s Health: Regain That Spark

Regain that spark - Palmetto Women's Health

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Being a woman is complicated. From hormones to pregnancy to weight loss, our bodies are always a work in progress. Helping women through various stages of life is a mission for Dr. Loren Frankel of Palmetto Women’s Health. A mom of three, Dr. Frankel understands the work/life balance. A decade ago, she opened her own OB-GYN practice that is not only welcoming but also offers a variety of services under one roof. From obstetrics and gynecology to aesthetics and weight-loss programs, her patients can see her for a checkup, stop in at the Center for Medical Weight Loss to weigh-in and get a refreshed look with Botox all in one appointment.

Besides bringing life into the world, one of Dr. Frankel’s other passions is adding the spark back into the sex lives of women. As a bio-identical hormone expert, she found ways to help women get their sex life back through various hormone creams and treatments. But it was when she was introduced to the MonaLisa Touch, the first FDA approved vaginal laser treatment, that she truly felt she could help women dealing with vaginal atrophy.

More than 40 percent of menopausal and post-menopausal women are affected by vaginal atrophy, which causes numerous issues, including pain with intercourse, pain with urination and incontinence, leaving many women to suffer in silence.

“Being the first physician to bring the MonaLisa Touch to the Lowcountry, I knew this treatment would help a whole other group of my patients who could not use hormone replacement therapy – breast cancer survivors,” said Dr. Frankel. “Around 60 percent of breast cancer sufferers can be affected by vaginal atrophy. Also, patients with a past history of breast cancer or a strong family history of breast cancer are advised not to use HRT, and, until now, there was no effective treatment for their symptoms of vaginal atrophy.”

The MonaLisa Touch generates new collagen and elastin by using a gentle fractional carbon dioxide laser with a vaginal probe. The procedure is virtually painless and uses the proven methods similar to using lasers to treat aging skin. Most patients need three treatments at six-week intervals, and the great news is that the treatments take less than five minutes each to administer.

Dr. Frankel has performed hundreds of MonaLisa Touch treatments, and it’s the stories from her patients that make her day.

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“One of my patients had not had sex in 12 years, and it was taking a toll on her marriage. She had the MonaLisa Touch, and, even after her second treatment, she called me raving that she could have sex again,” said Dr. Frankel. “Another patient thanked me because she would have to bring extra clothing everywhere she went because if she coughed, laughed too hard or sneezed she would have stress incontinence, causing embarrassment. Now she doesn’t have to bring an extra set of clothes with her, thanks to MonaLisa Touch. It’s truly been a life-changing procedure, and I’m happy I can provide this hormone-free alternative.”

To see if you’re a candidate for the MonaLisa Touch procedure, call 843-884-2206 for a consultation. Visit www.palmettowomenshealth.com to review their variety of OB-GYN, weight loss and aesthetic services.

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