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3D Optometry, Dr Thomas MirabileWith a sometimes piercing sun and a nearly year-round allergy season, Lowcountry residents are always on the lookout for optimal eye care. 3D Optometry has successfully provided that service since 2005. Dr. Thomas Mirabile owns the Mount Pleasant location, as well as a practice in the Caribbean, where he returns five times a year to see his special-needs patients.

Dr. Mirabile offers personalized service and is willing to go the extra mile for each patient. “We pride ourselves on finding the frame or contact lens that works for each individual, regarding comfort and efficiency,” he explains.

Beyond its showroom, 3D Optometry’s Web site offers “enlightenment on how to buy eyeglasses and frames at reasonable prices,” providing a unique source of frames for any budget.

Dr. Mirabile often advises his patients to beware of their contact lens solution. Eighty percent of contact discomfort may be due to poor hygiene or solution choice, he says, adding that since allergies can cause problems with contacts, medicated eyedrops may be necessary.

He also advises patients to wear eye protection from damaging ultraviolet rays. To help with this, Dr. Mirabile’s company offers special tinted lenses, bifocals and frames for low-contact and high-contact sports for children and adults.

3D Optometry is ready to welcome you into its family of patients, whether you need a routine eye exam, contact lenses or frames, child reading concepts or to learn about behavioral optometry. Visit www.Eyepifany.com or call (843) 388-1888 for more information.

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