Frozen Shoulder (Adhesive Capsulitis)

An older woman winces from Frozen Shoulder pain. Frozen Shoulder is also known as Adhesive Capsulitis.

Orthopedic specialists can’t say for certain what causes a painful and lingering condition with the ominous appellation of frozen shoulder, but they agree that the nagging problem can take up to a year or more to go away and that there’s a decent chance that it eventually will return. Also known as adhesive capsulitis, frozen … Read more

Robotic Knee Replacement

Lowcountry Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine photo for Robotic Knee Replacement article.

Same-day, robotic joint replacement is an increasingly popular choice for patients. “Many patients choose to live in discomfort to avoid lengthy knee surgery recovery and the risk of contracting an inpatient hospital infection,” explained Dr. Richard Zimlich, who specializes in total joint replacement at Lowcountry Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine. “Same-day surgery improves the patient experience … Read more

Strengthen Your Bones

An older woman gets assistance standing from a doctor

Osteoporosis can be a crippling malady, striking many elderly women and drastically altering or eventually taking their lives. Osteoporosis is a bone disease that occurs when the body loses too much bone, makes too little bone or both. As a result, bones become weak and may break from a fall or even from sneezing or … Read more

Reducing Pain with PRP

Photograph for the PRP pain treatment article- A doctor holds a vial.

More and more people are seeking natural healing therapies over prescription medications to relieve pain from conditions such as tendonitis or arthritis. Lucky for them, there are an increasing number of natural procedures being offered. One of those procedures actually uses the body’s own healing powers to improve function, ease pain and slow degeneration. Many … Read more

New Location for Lowcountry Orthopaedics

A patient discusses treatment options with an orthopedic surgeon

We practice conservatively and we definitely exhaust every option to take care of the patient before we recommend surgery. At the Fire Station 21 ribbon-cutting the interim fire chief dubbed the area of Clements Ferry Road as, “the last frontier for the city of Charleston.” If you look at a map, this area is one […]