What is Prolotherapy?

Dr. Todd Joye of InterveneMD with a patient in Mount Pleasant, SC specializes in the regenerative field of prolotherapy

You jam your finger, skin your elbow or sprain a bone or muscle, and you soon notice that your body’s defenses are doing everything they can right from the beginning to repair the damage on their own. But these defenses can help damaged tissue only so much because of age, disease, blood or injuries that … Read more

Joint Pain Remedies

A man with knee joint pain holding his knee.

That aching knee, sore shoulder or painful elbow can be the result of a variety of different issues, and there are many ways to treat both the cause and the discomfort that can keep you up at night, limit your physical activities and affect your quality of life. Arthritis, often an affliction of the elderly, … Read more

Don’t Let Pain Stop You

Don’t Let Pain Stop You

By Isabel Alvarez Arata “Most injuries happen when people are compensating in some way for how their body moves,” said Jill Zimmerman, DPT, a personal trainer with more than 15 years of experience. Whether it be picking up a child or swinging a golf club, the body often compensates to achieve required movements. Pain associated … Read more