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Living Life Pain Free

A family out for fun thanks to grandpa's physical therapy and pain management medications.

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You have tried everything at this point. You cannot sleep at night and it is affecting your quality of life. It’s pain, and it could be shoulder pain, knee pain or back pain – whatever it is that is ailing you must go.

Advantage Healthcare of Charleston’s goal is to help as many people as possible reach their optimal health. They provide their patients with quality care and total wellness through physical medicine and rehabilitation. Advantage Healthcare takes an integrated approach to medicine, with a team of providers working together to understand your physical impairments and disabilities and creating a treatment plan that involves all levels of expertise to help you achieve a full recovery. The goal is to heal patients without the need for long-term prescription medications or surgery. The practice combines medical pain relief, physical rehabilitation and chiropractic care to medically restore the body.

“So many people come see us after they have gone to other doctors and are not getting results, or they are taking medications that are only masking the symptoms and not correcting the problem,” said Christopher Gray, DC, CCEP, chiropractor and founder of Advantage Healthcare of Charleston.

The nurse practitioner on staff, Kathleen Price, MSN, APRN, ANPC, utilizes therapies such as joint injections, trigger point injections, other regenerative treatments and physical rehabilitation to ward off surgery for many patients.

Patients also work with Dr. Gray through chiropractic care to relieve pain and improve function. When the spine is out of alignment, it can limit range of motion, limit nerve function and cause pain. The goal of chiropractic treatment is to get the body back into alignment to reduce pain, restore joint function and muscle balance and strengthen the muscles and ligaments, thereby alleviating pressure on nerves.

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Combining different types of therapy as part of an overall treatment plan allows patients to heal quicker and get back on the path to a normal life.

“We love our patients like they are family. We hurt when they hurt, and we laugh when they laugh. It feels great when someone who can hardly walk is able to walk out on their own two feet with no pain. When they celebrate, we celebrate with them,” said Dr. Gray.

Along with assisting patients with pain in the upper and lower back, neck, knee and shoulder, they also assist with hormone imbalance, obesity, fatigue and peripheral neuropathy. Advantage Healthcare’s integrated approach allows a patient to receive many types of care without having to visit multiple providers at different locations. The relationship between a patient and provider is incredibly important. If a patient cannot communicate with a provider, the level of care decreases dramatically. Advantage Healthcare’s approach allows providers to work together to ensure that a patient is receiving top-notch care and that their health problems do not go missed or untreated.

Through a total body wellness approach, the team has changed many lives. Whether patients require pain relief, physical rehabilitation, chiropractic care, hormone replacement therapy or medical weight loss, every aspect of their experience at Advantage Healthcare is important.

“It doesn’t matter if you are a body builder, weekend warrior, homemaker, construction worker or someone who sits at a desk all day – pain is pain, and we want to help you get back to living your life again, pain-free,” Dr. Gray said.

Advantage Healthcare of Charleston offers two convenient locations in Goose Creek and Summerville. To learn more, call 843-553-2211 or visit www.ahcwellnesscenter.com.

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