Plantation Pharmacy: A Compounding Specialty

A Compounding Specialty. Plantation Pharmacy in Charleston and West Ashley, SC

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Walking into Plantation Pharmacy is a refreshing change of pace, but while the nostalgia of a traditional pharmacy – complete with lunch counter, soda fountain, vintage toys and small gifts – takes you back to the good old days, the friendly pharmacy staff stays ahead of the curve when it comes to health care.

When owner Deborah DaPore opened the James Island pharmacy in 2005, her goal was to incorporate the skills of a traditional pharmacy with the fast-changing demands of the medical world. Her dedication to fulfilling her customers’ needs in a welcoming, corner-store atmosphere proved to be so well-received that she opened a second location in West Ashley.

“One of the most popular pharmacy services we offer is compounding,” said compounding technician Josias Garcia. “We can create medications that are not commercially available in certain formats and create them in the form of capsules, troches, liquids, topical applications like creams or gels or even lollipops – and many other forms to meet the needs of our customers.”

In addition to pain management, hormone-replacement therapy medications comprise a large portion of the compounds requested by Plantation Pharmacy’s customers. To help those who would otherwise be on a lengthy waiting list to see their doctor, pharmacists are able to answer questions and recommend therapy changes to the patient’s physician by fax or phone.

Plantation Pharmacy also specializes in compounding medications for animals. Commercially available drugs for pets are notoriously expensive, but compounding medications brings the cost down significantly.

Compounds are made on-site at Plantation Pharmacy in West Ashley and can be couriered to the James Island location. Both locations have a retail pharmacy and provide medication services such as flu shots and immunizations, as well as medication-therapy management. They both accept all insurances. Over-the-counter products ranging from cold and allergy medications to vitamins to hygiene products also are available.

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“There are a lot of things that set us apart from a big-box store. We carry the same types of items but a smaller selection of options. For example, we offer a few different toothpastes versus a chain store’s 100 options of brands and flavors, which gives us room for more unique products those big-box stores don’t have. If we don’t have it, we can get it for you,” explained Garcia.

Friendly and personalized customer service also sets Plantation Pharmacy apart from the bigger chain stores.

“When you go into a big store, you can get courteous service, but it’s not personable to the point that they know what’s going on in your life. We love the small talk, and we care about the people we serve on more than just a customer level; we are friends with our customers,” said Garcia. “We still get our customers in and out quickly if they are in a hurry and offer a mobile app for people on the go, but many customers enjoy taking a moment to sit down and have a milkshake or a grilled cheese at the lunch counter and have a conversation. We like it, too.”

Plantation Pharmacy compounds a revitalizing dose of the premier medical side of health care, with a personal touch of friendly customer service.

To learn more, visit www.plantationpharmacy.com or drop by the James Island location at 776 Daniel Ellis Drive or the West Ashley location at 531 Wappoo Road. You also can call 843-795-9554 (James Island) or 843-556-1994 (West Ashley).

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