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Doctor of Physical Therapy Jared Lethco finds that maintaining an active lifestyle helps patients heal, and he and the rest of the staff at Grace Physical Therapy in Summerville are dedicated to getting patients back to the activities they love.

“As a practice, we stand out for individualizing patient care,” said Dr. Lethco. “We focus on what is best for the individual patient and pride ourselves on putting our patients first.”

Patients visit Grace Physical Therapy for many conditions, including injuries, pain and post-operative rehabilitation. By a large majority, however, patients are there for neck and back pain. Statistically, Dr. Lethco explained, the neck and back represent the areas of the body that most often lead patients to seek medical attention.

“In fact, people go to the doctor more often for neck and back pain than for illness,” he said.

Often, repetitive use, poor understanding of body mechanics and poor posture are to blame for chronic back and neck pain. For this reason, Dr. Lethco and his team spend a significant amount of time explaining to their patients what is going on in their bodies. In addition to providing evidence-based treatment using the McKenzie Method, Dr. Lethco believes he and his staff can make a marked difference in their patients’ recovery by educating them.

“My goal for every person that I discharge is that they can manage their care independently,” said Dr. Lethco. “I can assist, but the goal is for my patients to have independence

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With the right treatment plan and by learning skills they can practice at home, Dr. Lethco and his team ensure that their patients don’t have to live with chronic pain for the rest of their lives.

Their commitment to education is not just for the patients of Grace Physical Therapy. Dr. Lethco and his team of highly-qualified physical therapists have attained specialty training above and beyond what most physical therapists learn in school. They are dedicated to continuing their education and training so that they may consistently bring their patients the newest and most advanced physical therapy treatments available.

Grace Physical Therapy works in partnership with more than a dozen insurance plans as well as directly with individuals. Its self-pay MedStretch program is tailored to those with active lifestyles who want to get more form and function out of the sports and hobbies about which they are passionate. The MedStretch program allows one-on-one time with a physical therapist to work on problem areas that are impacting their performance.

As a privately-owned small business, Dr. Lethco believes Grace Physical Therapy is able to better treat its patients. He and his team engage in a collaborative care approach and work together with their patients to meet their rehabilitation goals. No matter the type of pain patients are experiencing, Grace Physical Therapy is committed to reducing and eventually eliminating discomfort to enhance overall physical function and quality of life.

To learn more about Grace Physical Therapy’s many services and specializations, visit gracept.com or call 843-871-3522.

By Isabel Alvarez Arata

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