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Made 2 Move Physical Therapy in action.We are Doctors of Physical Therapy who aim to put the patient first and bring relationships back to healthcare. Made 2 Move exists to help people get out of pain, take control of their health, and get back to doing activities they love. We empower people to feel strong, resilient, and adaptable.

Imagine living a life where you’re not worried about pain, stiffness, or injury. At Made 2 Move, our Doctors help active adults in the Charleston and Summerville areas get out of pain and get back to living the life that they want! Don’t waste another day stuck in your pain. Reach out today!

We want to give you long-term solutions for your health and wellness goals.

Our goal is to give you the confidence to take control of your health and know how to prevent this problem from limiting you in the future.

You can finally stop living in fear or wondering if you’ll have to live with this pain forever.

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    Patient Testimonials

    My experience with Rachel at Made2Move has been excellent. I went in with an initial complaint about a 5 year old shoulder injury that was continuing to limit my range of motion and, thus, my activities. Rachel listened carefully, then recommended a carefully calibrated sequence of exercises over several weeks. I was a bit skeptical, but went along. At this point the pain from that old injury is virtually gone, and as a side benefit, both my shoulders are stronger and more capable than they have been in years. I continue to work with Rachel to improve my overall strength and well-being. This appears to be helping me overcome another major bodily assault – aging. I am 69 and feeling better than I have in a long time.

    I was VERY hesitant to try out PT again after receiving the run around from many medical providers for the past 10 years. I very apprehensively gave M2M a try and was immediately blown away with how wonderfully different they were- Hannah was so attentive to my rehab and has approached my recovery so differently than every other provider ever has. She took the time to listen to my goals and needs, and crafted a plan that specifically fits my needs! They invest so much into their clients, and their unique perspective on wellness and healing has been such a needed breath of fresh air. I am a student on a tight budget, and they have been absolutely worth the investment. Hannah and the M2M staff are the only reason that I have been able to return to fitness pain-free!

    I’ve seen more progress in 2 visits with Rachel then in 5-6 months of visits to a foot specialist trying to resolve PTTD. If you aren’t seeing progress don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with Rachel and the M2M team.

    I cannot say enough great things about the M2M team & Elliot. After 10+ years of dealing with back pain, I’d pretty much decided it was something I’d never be able to fully recover from. I’d tried just about every kind of treatment out there and nothing worked. Made 2 Move was my last attempt. I connected with Elliot, was set up for my consult the same week, and we hit the ground running. Elliot has been the absolute best to work with. He loves what he does, and it shows through his work. He takes the time to explain movements and their purpose/role in the recovery process, pain and the factors that go into it, and most of all he is always incredibly receptive to any questions. Since starting, my back pain has significantly decreased. I am now able to get through training and workouts that I would have never made it through 6 months ago. If you are looking for a team who is going to be genuinely invested in your recovery, this is it!

    Elliot is hands down one of the best health care providers I have ever been a patient of. I saw Elliot for chronic pain in my shoulder and hip and I was having trouble performing my work tasks without pain. Within a few weeks I was back to working without pain. Most importantly, Elliot gave me permission to move and I felt safe doing the workouts and activities I loved without fear of injury.

    Made2Move’s individualized, whole picture approach is unlike any other PT clinic I’ve ever been to. I started seeing Rachel for low back pain and she helped me heal while also helping me become stronger. It was evident from our first session that she cares about me as a person and truly wants to be a source of guidance, knowledge and support. She looked at so much more than just my pain and physical ability— nutrition, sleep, stress, personal life, work life. The Made2Move philosophy is awesome because it encourages patients to heal through movement that they are capable of rather than extreme restrictions and limitations like a typical PT clinic. I feel stronger and I’m pain free thanks to Rachel and Made2Move!

    I’ve been working with Rachel for a little over a month and I can not say enough good things about my experience! I had been experiencing lower back spasms and pain and was pretty convinced I’d forever be adjusting workouts to not tweak my back. Within the first month of working with Rachel, I’ve hit PR’s in both my deadlift and back squat weight. I go in to every workout feeling stronger than ever and more confident that I will not hurt myself! In addition to being smart and knowledgeable and all the things you want in a PT, Rachel is just a delight to be around and brings so much positive energy to each session!

    Great PT! Rachel did an exceptionally great job. She is always knowledgeable when I have questions, gave me a kick in pants when I was slacking and was very understanding when life would happen. She is very relaxed and motivational during sessions and is willing to listen to all you have to say, she’s a great listener. My journey was not so easy, I thought my pain would never go away and just in a matter of a couple weeks I could tell a difference! I’m not quite done with my therapy yet but when I am it will be bitter sweet. I enjoyed my time with Rachel. 5 stars is not enough to rate this amazing place and woman for her work.



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