Stretch Zone: Keeping the limber in your limbs – and all other body parts

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If you think it’s a stretch to have a business dedicated to personal stretching, a visit to Stretch Zone in Mount Pleasant might alter your opinion.

With one location in North Mount Pleasant and another on West Coleman Boulevard, Stretch Zone not only helps you stay limber and painless in all the right places but in the long run can help you avoid a number of body ailments.

“My primary focus is caring for those in need and improving people’s overall health here in the Lowcountry,” said owner Brooke McCoy, who started the business in 2016. “We not only provide individual service to each client but try to help every one of them understand that stretching needs to become part of their daily lifestyle – for many reasons.”

For example, Stretch Zone utilizes straps, body leverage and the nimble hands of professionals to allow for body rolls, optimum muscle reach and both back and tendon extension for increased mobility – something McCoy said can’t be done nearly as well by self-stretching.

“When stretching on your own, you develop a lot of tension around the muscle you are attempting to stretch due to you physically doing it,” she said. “When we stretch you, you are completely relaxed, and we are doing all the work, allowing for a completely isolated stretch, which gains your flexibility back a lot quicker, as well as allowing you to get to muscles that you just simply can’t get to on your own.”

Stretching provides relief from lower back pain, sciatica, plantar fasciitis and other body ailments. With 51,000 total visits each year from 770 clients so far, that’s no stretch.

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“More and more people are noticing how important their health is,” McCoy said. “And they’re adding in different modalities to be in the best shape possible.”

To learn more, visit stretchzone.com.

By L. C. Leach III

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