The Best Dose of Confidence: Lowcountry Plastic Surgery Center

Lowcountry Plastic Surgery Center: The Manor - geared exclusively toward men

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The experts at Lowcountry Plastic Surgery Center, a 5,000-square-foot facility in Mount Pleasant, have established a stellar reputation since opening their doors in 2001. Led by Dr. Jack Hensel Jr., the practice offers a full range of plastic surgery services, both reconstructive and cosmetic.

The readers of Mount Pleasant Magazine certainly recognize Dr. Hensel’s expertise – they chose him as the area’s Best Plastic Surgeon.

Originally from the Kansas City area, Dr. Hensel earned his medical degree at the University of Kansas School of Medicine and completed general surgery training in Charleston and in Akron, Ohio.

In December 2000, he finished plastic surgery training under a fellowship with Nashville Plastic Surgery under internationally renowned surgeons Dr. G. Patrick Marshall, Dr. Jack Fisher and Dr. Mary Gingrass.

Leaving Nashville, Dr. Hensel made Charleston his home and opened Lowcountry Plastic Surgery Center. His goal is to enhance his patients’ self-confidence.

“I want my patients to feel better about themselves,” said Dr. Hensel. “I appreciate our patients for trusting in us and letting us be a part of their goals.”

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When asked why patients have responded so positively to him as a surgeon, Dr. Hensel replied, “I am just a normal guy with a great bedside manner and surgical skill. I never put myself on a pedestal, and I listen to my patients and understand their needs.”

Lowcountry Plastic Surgery Center offers many procedures, the most popular including body sculpting and facial procedures. The center also has the largest coolsculpting facility in South Carolina and Georgia.

“We do a lot of breast augmentations, SmartLipo, skin tightening procedures and tummy tucks,” he explained. “We also do a lot of eyelid procedures and facial skin tightening.”

“We always seek out the newest, latest and greatest in technology. We seek to educate ourselves to make sure we are offering the best in invasive and noninvasive technology,” Dr. Hensel added.

The highly-trained, motivated team at Lowcountry Plastic Surgery Center love to help patients look and feel their best. Recently, the Center introduced “The Manor” which provides an environment geared exclusively toward men. Procedures include body sculpting, hair removal, tattoo removal, male breast reduction and skin treatments.

“Over the last 10 years, services for men have grown exponentially. We have watched this trend in our office and decided to build a nice, manly environment that men could feel comfortable being a part of. Our men love to come in, hang out in their own space and get the services that they deserve to help them look and feel their best,” said Dr. Hensel.

Lowcountry Plastic Surgery Center is located at 1205 Two Island Court in Mount Pleasant. To learn more, visit www.LowcountryPlasticSurgery.com or call 843-971-2860.

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