The Facial Surgery Center Restores Youthful Glows with Brow Lifts

A Subtle Lift Makes All the Difference. The Facial Surgery Center Restores Youthful Glows With Brow Lifts

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It begins to happen in your 30s. You’ll start to notice it in small ways, like when applying eye shadow. All of a sudden, you can’t see the eye shadow like you used to. It’s your brow and it’s drooping, and, although it isn’t the most noticeable sign of aging, getting an easy lift can make a huge difference.

Luckily, with the expertise of Dr. Marcelo Hochman at the Facial Surgery Center, placing a heavy brow in a more ideal position can restore a youthful appearance.
Better position of the eyebrows; more 'youthful' and 'pleasant' look. Less 'hooding' of hte outer eye, more space betweeen brows and eyelids
“Many people think they need to get excess skin removed from their upper eyelids,” Dr. Hochman said. “But that is a common misconception.”

The endoscopic brow lift the Facial Surgery Center performs actually elevates the brow relative to the eyelids. The procedure involves altering the brow elevators and brow depressors. Small incisions are made with an endoscope in the scalp behind the hairline. Dr. Hochman alters the brow muscles, then puts the skin back in place.

“This is a desirable procedure because the incisions are hidden. There is no hardware or implants,” he said.

The brow lift is also desirable because it has long-lasting effects as opposed to Botox, which has to be maintained frequently.

“Even if you do have to get the procedure repeated many years down the road, it is an easy procedure,” Dr. Hochman said.

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The brow lift is attractive to people in their 30s and 40s since that is when many people start to notice a heavy brow.

“It’s a young person’s procedure, but we do also see many people into their 60s getting this done in combination with other procedures,” he said.

The procedure is minimal and non-invasive. The endoscope Dr. Hochman utilizes for a precise technique also happens to be the least invasive way to do it.

“It’s nice because people who get this done can actually resume regular activity and go back to work in about a week,” he said. “It is done under twilight anesthesia and only takes about an hour total to perform.”

He said it is a good procedure when combined with other procedures for facial rejuvenation.

The brow lift takes care of what Dr. Hochman called a drooping forehead.

“The brow lift minimizes forehead creases, drooping eyebrows, hooding over the eyes, puffiness on the brow or a furrowed forehead and frown lines,” said Dr. Hochman. “No skin is removed in this procedure. All I do is simply place the brow in a more ideal position.”

Dr. Hochman has performed more endoscopic brow lifts in the past 25 years than any other surgeon in South Carolina.

For more information on the endoscopic brow lift, contact Dr. Hochman’s team at the Facial Surgery Center at 843.277.8726 or visit www.FacialSurgeryCenter.com. The Facial Surgery Center is located in Mount Pleasant on Johnnie Dodds Boulevard.

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