Will Facial Surgery Make You Feel Beautiful?

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They say that beauty is only skin deep, and, yes, a person’s soul means so much more than looks, but self-image and confidence are deeply rooted and are directly tied to what others see the most: your face. Many people voluntarily seek out cosmetic facial surgery, and others require facial reconstruction, but, while some choose to and others need to, their end goal is the same.

“The need to be accepted is a deep human emotion,” said Dr. Marcelo Hochman of The Facial Surgery Center. “It has been well-documented that how someone looks often affects how that person succeeds in life. All of my patients – cosmetic and reconstructive – want to look and feel normal, to gain confidence and to be able to put their best face forward.”

For his work, he has been recognized as one of the “Best Doctors and Surgeons in America” for 27 years in a row and has received the Order of the Palmetto and a congressional commendation. But aside from accolades and experience, an equally important quality in a facial surgeon is a passion for improving lives. Dr. Hochman and his team at The Facial Surgery Center set themselves apart through their dedication to the full gamut of facial plastic and reconstructive surgery and migraine treatments to help people look and feel their best.

Since starting The Hemangioma Treatment Foundation in 2003, Dr. Hochman has treated more than 1,000 children who live with vascular anomalies from South Carolina and around the globe, performing many surgeries pro bono for those in need.


No other practice in the state, Dr. Hochman said, practices facial surgery on this level, and the niche practice has gained credibility internationally.

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“Treating a child with a vascular anomaly is so important for their future. It is not just the technique but the timing that is important; we can tie in the surgery with the development of their self-image, which has a huge impact on their personal development,” Dr. Hochman explained.


Adult reconstructive surgeries like post skin cancer treatments are also common at The Facial Surgery Center. Another life-changing specialty is treatment of migraine or cluster headaches. When medical therapy does not make a difference, Dr. Hochman takes an extra-cranial approach using nerve blocks, IV infusions, Botox and surgery to decompress nerves that process pain.


“There is no one miracle treatment that works for everyone with migraines, but we work with each patient to pinpoint the best mode of treatment. And, 75 percent of the patients we treat find relief in the number or intensity of headaches. They have an improved quality of life with respect to those problems,” he said.


Whether you have a physical anomaly that requires surgery or if you feel that your face could use some lift, we all want the same thing: to feel comfortable and confident in our own skin.

“I love my job,” Dr. Hochman smiled. “To be able to change someone’s life through reconstructive surgery, migraine treatments or cosmetic surgery is an amazing privilege.”
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By Anne Shuler Toole

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