Game-Changer for Men with GAINSWave

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Located in Mount Pleasant, the Charleston Men’s Clinic specializes exclusively in men’s sexual health, including problems with erectile dysfunction, Low-T, premature ejaculation and Peyronie’s disease. The clinic has been praised for the expertise and skill of its all-male staff, discretion and comfortable atmosphere. A range of services is available, including the revolutionary GAINSWave™ treatment. This cutting-edge procedure utilizes low-intensity shock wave therapy to improve erectile strength and sexual performance. For the over 50 percent of men who experience ED, this is a game-changer. The Charleston Men’s Clinic pioneered GAINSWave™ in the Carolinas in June of 2017.

Although it is a fairly new treatment, Medical Director Dr. Stuart Markovitz said, “It is a revolutionary, scientifically proven, highly effective, lasting, drug-free, pain-free, non-surgical treatment of erectile dysfunction that rejuvenates the vasculature in the erectile tissue and actually improves and increases blood flow.”

He confirmed that it is entirely safe, without any negative side effects.

The actual procedure is so quick and easy, it can be done on your lunch break. Each noninvasive treatment lasts 20 to 30 minutes and requires no sedation, surgery or medication. Following the administration of a topical anesthetic cream, gentle acoustic waves are applied to different areas of the penis. The waves serve to break up micro-plaque in existing blood vessels and jump-start the body’s natural healing process by releasing growth factors and activating latent stem cells. Post-treatment, patients are able to go about their day and may even engage in sexual intercourse that night.

This treatment is suitable for men of all ages. Depending on the severity of the patient’s ED, results from GAINSWave™ can vary.

Dr. Markovitz said, “Virtually every patient experiences some level of improvement. In many, the improvement is dramatic.”

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GAINSWave™ is not only for men who are taking medication for erectile dysfunction but also those who simply would like to improve their sexual performance. For men who have just begun ED medication, the GAINSWave™ treatment might obviate their need for it after all. Men who regularly use medication might be able to go without it or take a lower dosage. For those men whose ED medication has stopped working altogether, they might find that they can use it again effectively.

Usually six treatments are recommended to achieve the desired result. Because arteriosclerosis – hardening of the arterial wall – is an ongoing degenerative process, the clinic recommends a single maintenance treatment every three to six months to sustain and optimize performance. A package of six treatments is priced at $3,000, a small price to pay for the results that have been reported. Patients of the clinic testify that they feel in control of their life again, with newly restored function and a revived sex life. They report that not only has their intimate life improved but also their overall confidence.

Dr. Markovitz and the team at the Charleston Men’s Clinic believe that sexual health is unequivocally linked to total health.

“Without the ability to express ourselves through sexuality and to form and maintain intimate relationships, we cannot achieve health,” he said.

For more information on The Charleston Men’s Clinic, visit www.charlestonmensclinic.com, or call 843-408-0777.

By Annie Stoppelbein

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