Deep Brain Stimulation Revolutionizes Treatment

ILLUSTRATION: Deep Brain Stimulation

In the summer of 2011, when U.S. resident Yoheved Hasson began feeling involuntary shaking in her left leg, she soon learned from a local neurologist that she had Parkinson’s disease. Several years later, after trying prescription medications and other treatments to no avail, she was told by doctors that her only hope for recovery was … Read more

Music and Mental Health

Illustration: the connection between music and health

When Janelle Mitchell enters the room of one of her adolescent patients who was recently diagnosed with cancer, she doesn’t bring a stethoscope or bandages. Instead, she might be carrying a guitar or the lyrics to the patient’s favorite song. Mitchell is a music therapist at Prisma Health. “Music therapy is not just playing or … Read more

Jealousy Affects All

“Oh, beware, my lord, of jealousy.” William Shakespeare has always been regarded as a prescient author, but this line from “Othello” rings especially true in today’s era of social media and seemingly constant comparison. Long before and long since the playwright dubbed this emotion the “green-eyed monster,” jealousy has been affecting humans in profound and … Read more

Fight or Flight

Graphic of fight or flight response

Several years ago, while on a routine neighborhood walk near his home in Greenville, Tommy Lewis Neal came upon a large mastiff at the edge of an unfenced front yard. The dog was standing motionless and silent among a crowd of people, and Neal had the sudden urge both to flee and to stay put … Read more