Health Care is a Choice; Understand your Options

A woman getting an ultrasound on her neck

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You suddenly feel short of breath, there’s pressure on your chest and your heart is racing. You’re scared so you consult your primary care physician, who suggests that you see a cardiologist or visit an emergency room.  

There are two options: either wait weeks for an appointment with a cardiologist or go directly to the hospital. So what are you going to do? Do you hope it’s nothing serious? Hospitals are short-staffed and many are overwhelmed with COVID patients. There also are money issues to consider. Even with health insurance, if you have a high deductible, a visit to the emergency room can be financially devastating.

What other options do you have to avoid paying exorbitant fees and still be seen by a medical professional in a timely manner?

This is where Direct Diagnostic Services comes in. Starting as a mobile imaging company, it now provides nuclear cardiac and ultrasound imaging services to hospitals and physicians’ offices. Adding a permanent imaging center in Charleston to its portfolio, it offers these same services, which are convenient, affordable and flexible.

Mark Grogg, managing member of Direct Diagnostic Services, explained that the Charleston location was created to assist patients who require flexible appointment scheduling, may not have insurance or cannot afford the high deductibles insurance carriers are currently requiring them to pay.

For example, the physician may have requested an echocardiogram. At Direct Diagnostic Services in Charleston, an echocardiogram that would cost $1,800 at the hospital could be performed for less than $230. Appointment times are flexible, and Direct Diagnostic Services works around your schedule and needs.

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Mark wants all patients to know that they have a choice and a voice in their own health care.

“Tests done at Direct Diagnostic Services get done faster, less expensively and on the patients’ schedule, without sacrifice. The imaging quality and highly experienced staff at Direct Diagnostic Services are second to none. This is all about patients having superior imaging done conveniently and affordably,” he said.

Direct Diagnostic Services is unique in that it is not affiliated with specific doctors or hospitals, making their services flexible in that sense as well. 

“We can do whatever the patients want,” Mark said.

He added that the most important thing patients should take away from learning about Direct Diagnostic Services is that they have choices. 

“They don’t have to get their imaging tests done where their doctor recommends. They can go to Direct Diagnostic Services, and we will make sure their test results reach the doctors they need them to reach at a much lower cost,” he explained.

If you are a patient or provider with questions or you want more information, visit www.direct-llc.com or call 828-369-5634.

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