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Two happy seniors at Sandpiper Courtyard Assisted Living

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The questions our parents asked themselves when dropping us off for the first day of school are similar to those many of us will face when deciding to transition them to a full-time care facility. Will she be scared? What if he misses me? Will she be properly cared for?

At Sandpiper Courtyard Assisted Living, the staff and care team understand these concerns and make it their mission to treat residents with the respect, dignity and compassion they deserve. Moreover, they partner with the families of residents to ensure that they can securely and confidently transition their loved ones into the next stage of life.

Michael Thomas, regional director of operations, recalled an all-too-familiar conversation with the daughter of a current resident when she realized that her mother needed more care than she could continue to provide at home. Battling guilt and anxious about handing over the full-time care of her aging mother, the woman was most concerned about moving day and the initial transition to the Courtyard.

“We shared with the daughter that the move into assisted living is most often more difficult for family members than for the resident,” he said.

Upon arrival, the staff greeted both mother and daughter with “good ole fashion TLC and Southern charm.” Staff members ushered both mother and daughter to a table with flowers and name cards, and then they were welcomed to the community by other residents. Rather than display hesitation or signs of apprehension, the mother “began her transition into assisted living with smiles and soft laughter.”

When asked what sets the Sandpiper Courtyard apart from other assisted living facilities, Thomas confidently replied that it is the “well-seasoned team that is eager to please and takes great pride in positive resident experiences and outcome.”

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At the Courtyard, residents receive meticulous care, assistance with daily tasks, intentional socialization and regular visits from physicians and wellness professionals.

While family members often are most concerned with the level of safety and quality of food, Thomas shared that the residents themselves are often worried about the loss of independence and sense of control.

“This is where we work to encourage independence and choice,” Thomas said.

The staff and care team at the Courtyard work tirelessly to treat each resident and his or her family as individuals.

“Everyone is different,” Thomas stressed, “so why should everyone get the same approach to care? We adjust our work patterns around the individual.”

As for the woman whose loving daughter worried about surrendering her mother’s charge to the team at the Courtyard, “she began to thrive, socializing with others, walking independently and needing less and less assistance than she had at home.”

The team at Sandpiper Courtyard ensures that independence, undergirded by meticulous care, empowers their residents to thrive in their later years. Choosing to entrust an aging parent’s well-being to caring professionals may be difficult, but it is the very same choice they once lovingly made for you.

For more information on Sandpiper Courtyard, visit www.premierseniorliving.com or call 843-790-8819.

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