Amada Helps Seniors With Planning

An elderly woman gets advice - patient advocacy explores options

Empowerment Comes with a Good Plan Planning for the future comes naturally for some. For others, it is a bit more complex, especially as life’s challenges unfold – even more so when health care related concerns start to take center stage and life’s uncertainties arise. As we age, planning for the future in stages is […]

Ashley Landing Assisted Living: The Big Picture With Assisted Living

Assisted living communities provide the additional assistance residents need, while understanding independence is still a very important part of an individual’s life. Choosing a new home in an assisted living community is a daunting task. Comparing the options of rooms, amenities and food, anticipating what level of care is required now and in the future, […]

Making the Right Choices to Age Well

Making the right choices to age well

Aging begins at birth. Every stage and age of life has a unique set of physiological and psychological needs. For optimal health and contentment in life, it is important to respect each step of the aging process and to continually redefine the areas in your life that impact healthy aging. Sometimes we get stuck in […]

Providing Much Needed Respite for Caregivers

When talking about caregiver respite, Linda Naert, program developer with Trident Area Agency on Aging (TAAA), said, “We all know a caregiver.” And, locally, the odds are definitely quite good that we do. TAAA reported that since July 1, 2018, they have provided services to over 750 family caregivers in the tri-county area. And those […]