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Caring for an elderly family member can feel overwhelming, especially when that family member has a medical condition. Although it may be difficult, sometimes the best thing that can be done for a loved one is to turn to the trained professionals who can provide the best care. The problem many families face is determining which service provider is the right fit. How do you know that your loved one will be safe, happy and receive appropriate medical treatment? Here’s where Simply Seniors can help. The company, founded by Cindy Williams, is your local resource for senior services, allowing families to focus more on each other and less on complicated logistics.

Simply Seniors can not only help place your loved one but can also help find the right placement the first time. With an expedited and reliable process, families are able to reduce costs and preserve precious resources while giving their loved ones the best quality of life possible.

“We are here local, and we literally hand-hold throughout the process,” said Williams. “We’re there from move-in day onward. After the senior moves in to their new home, we’ll go back and do well visits with the family and with the family member to make sure that the facility, the family and the resident of the facility are all on the same page.”

Williams is especially qualified to assist families because, as a licensed administrator, she understands the complexities of facility regulations and systems. This awareness allows Simply Seniors to better advocate for families and for their loved ones, ensuring they receive the best care possible.

“I follow up on all placements,” said Williams. “I try to be the person that’s the eyes and the ears for that person in the facility. I’ll go in and check on them, make sure they’re not having any issues with getting their medications, that the facility knows that’s my client and that I’m going to be in there ensuring everything is the way it’s supposed to be.”

Simply Seniors considers the entirety of a family’s situation when helping them decide on long-term placement.

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“We look at where the family lives, who’s involved and whether they have the resources they need to pay for a facility. Understanding a family’s resources helps me better help them to make the financial decisions,” William said.

After a family member is placed, Williams follows up to ensure they’re receiving proper care. At least one well check occurs after placement, but some families choose to continue to work with Williams as a consultant or an advocate for their loved one. Simply Seniors works hard to give peace of mind back to families and to simplify an otherwise complex process.

“There are some situations that are really difficult,” said Williams. “We specialize in knowing how to handle all of those pieces and work for the client to get the best possible results.”

By Melissa Hayes
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