The ‘Right-Size’ of Downsizing

Worker taping moving box for Caring Transitions

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Downsizing can be difficult. For most, the process can be downright daunting. Emotions tend to run high, and stress can not only take a toll but can also make the workload feel impossible. When it’s time to make a transition to a smaller living space, it’s best to work with a professional who has the savvy and experience to help families manage these transition al phases of life seamlessly.

Caring Transitions of Charleston, locally owned and operated by Jessica Ancrum, a seniors real estate specialist, manages the process of “right-sizing,” as she calls it, by walking families through the many steps they will inevitably have to take before hanging their hat in their new home. From decluttering and organizing to selling valuables, liquidating assets and selling the family home, Ancrum and her team make what can feel like one monumental task after another feel attainable.

“Right-sizing,” said Ancrum, “is a specific way to approach the task of downsizing, which can often feel overwhelming.

It means making choices that will be right for you in your new home, such as what to take and what to leave be hind. When we right-size, we focus on what is important now, which may be different from the things that seemed important before. Clients are making this move for a reason. At Caring Transitions of Charleston, we help them embrace that reason without letting their stuff hold them back.”

Ancrum and her team coordinate movers, pack and unpack and can even floor plan their clients’ new residences. Before the move, she assists families in sorting and organizing, ensuring that they take only what they can comfortably accommodate in their new home. The Caring Transitions team considers lighting, furniture placement, accessibility and more to ensure that the new home is set up in a way that is conducive to com fort, safety and harmony.

Items that won’t be making the move are then sold, donated, recycled or discarded. Articles to be sold are carefully sorted, staged and photographed to ensure they are successfully rehomed. Items are made available both through estate sales and online auction services to maximize potential shoppers and honor their history and sentimental value.

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Once item sales are complete, Ancrum works with her team to repair, paint, clean and stage homes for resale. She works in tandem with executors, attorneys, trustees and Realtors to ensure that her clients’ financial goals and needs remain at the forefront throughout the sales process.

Caring Transitions of Charleston is a full-service relocation, downsizing and estate sale company – but it offers much more. Ancrum and her team honor the lives families enjoyed before “right-sizing” and do so by acknowledging and assisting in every step into their next home. By helping clients make educated decisions, ensuring families understand the psychology and steps involved in moving and developing personal relationships with those involved, Ancrum prioritizes the goals of each move so her clients can truly enjoy their new lifestyle in their new home.

For more information, call 843-410-2763 or visit www.caringtransitionscharleston.com.

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