Concussion Detection

Detection for concussions in sports

“Put me in, coach!” A 2011 Associated Press story revealed that more than half of professional football players said they’d hide a concussion just to be able to keep playing. And, since not all concussions are evident immediately, they can get away with it, although the long-term consequences of brain injury can be devastating and … Read more

New Spinal Surgery Technology

Jerome Stewart, a Timberland High School physical education teacher and basketball coach with Dr. Ben Schell, orthopedic spine surgeon, South Carolina Sports Medicine & Orthopedic Center.

Living with severe back or leg pain can be debilitating and prevent you from having a normal life. In April, Summerville Medical Center launched a minimally invasive spine surgery program designed to deliver state-of-the-art care to Lowcountry residents seeking relief from spinal problems. Jerome Stewart, a Timberland High School physical education teacher and basketball coach, … Read more

Concussions in Kids

Medical paperwork for concussion.

The proverbial bump on the head is a common occurrence among children. Heck, my own children bump their heads every day – sometimes together. But while those small collisions are normal and usually harmless, what happens when our kids get older and start spending their time participating in contact sports such as football, hockey and … Read more

Early Sports Specialization


By Katherine Waters It’s not uncommon for kids to spend their free time running around with friends and playing sports. But over the past few decades, they have become increasingly likely to burn off excess energy through intense and competitive sports training. Sports are a great way for kids to be active, pick up healthy … Read more

Summer Dehydration Concerns

Rising temperatures and long, sun-soaked days are an annual signal of summer’s approach – a predicable change even in the midst of the vast irregularity of 2020 so far. Many South Carolinians are anxious to greet the season with visits to the beach, hikes and other outdoor activities, especially as most have been sequestered indoors … Read more