Our Senses: More Than Five – and Counting

Computer renderings of the human brain

“Our ability to use all these senses is a gift,” Eatough said. “Imagine what life would be like without even one of them.” In the summer of 1985, Greenville County resident Tommy Lewis Neal was playing outfield on his softball team when a batter hit the ball in the gap. He raced to prevent an … Read more

Deep Brain Stimulation Revolutionizes Treatment

ILLUSTRATION: Deep Brain Stimulation

In the summer of 2011, when U.S. resident Yoheved Hasson began feeling involuntary shaking in her left leg, she soon learned from a local neurologist that she had Parkinson’s disease. Several years later, after trying prescription medications and other treatments to no avail, she was told by doctors that her only hope for recovery was … Read more

Pecans: Get Cracking With a Heart-healthy Way to Add Nutrients and Vitamins to Your Diet

Heart-healthy pecans

If it’s holiday time in South Carolina, you can bet you’ll find pecans appearing in many dishes. Pecans are synonymous with pie and pralines, but did you know these sophisticated, buttery nuts make a nutritious addition to your everyday diet? Melissa Macher, a Charleston-based registered dietitian and nutritionist with a food science degree, relishes the … Read more

Brighter Outlook for HIV Patients: Racial and Gender Disparities Remain a Concern

HIV blood testing

Although obstacles remain, there has been a lot of promising news and statistics surrounding HIV/AIDS in the last decade or so. Annual HIV infections in the United States have decreased by more than two-thirds since the height of the epidemic in the mid-1980s, according to hiv.gov. Breakthrough medications are helping patients with HIV/AIDS experience a … Read more

Dogs Sniff Stress: Is it Time to Adopt a Four-legged Therapist?

A cute dog sitting on its owner's lap. Can dogs sniff stress?

The next time your dog is busy sniffing you, it may not be just about food. Perhaps your pet is measuring your anxiety levels and offering itself as comfort. As author Dean Koontz once suggested, “Petting, scratching and cuddling a dog could be as soothing to the mind and heart as deep meditation and almost … Read more

‘I Never Get Sick’ A Community Of Friends And Experts Explores Why

Illustration: Never get sick? Maybe it's your genes.

Summerville resident Shirley Berardo has always considered herself remarkably healthy, one of those “good genes” people whose immune systems are robust. During childhood, she never missed school; when her sons came home with viruses, she didn’t get sick, and now, at 82, she is prescription-free and happily immersed in an active life. When Berardo located … Read more