Every Moment Matters: Eli Clark’s Story, Part Two

Photo of Eli and his brother

The Clark family was enjoying life in their new Mount Pleasant home after moving in 2015. Eli Clark “seemed to be doing really well,” according to his mother, Stephanie Clark, in the wake of his kidney transplant. But during the summer of 2017, things took an unexpected and dire turn. It started when Stephanie was … Read more

Those Pesky Viruses And Their Mutating Friends

Photo of a needle going into a virus

It’s probably safe to say that every parent is officially sick of the word “virus.” And quite literally, actually. Between the perils of COVID and now the influx of respiratory syncytial virus and numerous cases of the flu, our children are running a fever and coughing up phlegm like it’s their job. We are in … Read more

A House that Provides Saving Grace

Twin girls - Ronald McDonald House

When Charlotte and Lily were born prematurely with medical issues, Mom was overwhelmed by the fear of leaving her children to fight for their lives alone. Terrified and overwhelmed by the possibilities for her kids’ health and the means to pursue treatment, the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Charleston stepped in and made it possible … Read more

Helping Immobile Children

Go Baby Go! is a national, community-based research program that provides modified ride-on cars to young children with disabilities.

Losing the freedom to explore your environment due to a mobility disability impacts all areas of development in a young child. The Medical University of South Carolina and Laing Middle School of Science and Technology in Mount Pleasant are partnering with Go Baby Go! to help young children with neuromuscular disorders get moving as soon … Read more