Men Who Battle Aging and Andropause

Graphic of men and testosterone level by age

When women go through menopause, it’s characterized by the time in life when the woman stops having a menstrual period. Therefore, menopause is somewhat predictable and there’s an end in sight. Men, on the other hand, may go through a time in life that is not as well defined. Otherwise known as andropause, it’s a … Read more

A New Way to Treat Erectile Dysfunction

Happy couple has won the battle against erectile dysfunction

“Hey Doc, there’s just one more thing. It’s nothing really, but…” is how many appointments Dr. Stuart Markovitz had with his male patients would end prior to his retiring as a general internist and coming back as a specialist in men’s sexual health. “I called it the ‘doorknob problem’ because it wasn’t until the appointment […]

Game-Changer for Men with GAINSWave

A happy couple hugging

Located in Mount Pleasant, the Charleston Men’s Clinic specializes exclusively in men’s sexual health, including problems with erectile dysfunction, Low-T, premature ejaculation and Peyronie’s disease. The clinic has been praised for the expertise and skill of its all-male staff, discretion and comfortable atmosphere. A range of services is available, including the revolutionary GAINSWave™ treatment. This […]