The Mushroom Craze

Using mushrooms for addressing health ailments

Capsules, extracts, powders – oh, my. Mushroom is the trendy fun-guy for addressing health ailments, preventing disease and improving body functions. As most trends go, the mushroom was well-known and liked before its time in the Western spotlight. Recapped in the journal article, “Medicinal Mushrooms: Ancient Remedies Meet Modern Science,” mushrooms have been used as … Read more

Health Benefits of Tea

Health benefits of tea

Tea has been viewed as a medical wonder since its cultivation in ancient China – and for lots of reasons. Whether you’re looking to fight off cancer, lower your blood pressure, sharpen your memory, lose a little weight or just add a daily boost to your body’s immune system, tea is loaded with health benefits … Read more

A Simple Journey to Clean Eating

Clean eating - Vegetable Fruit Bowl

The concept of “clean eating” has become a common buzzword in our society. For Angela Fussenegger, it is a way of life. Fussenegger has been following a clean dietary program for the past eight years. She works directly with Jessica Lee Reader, master nutrition therapist at Centered Yoga and Wellness in Greenville, an integrative health … Read more

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee – and Now You Can Drink It, too

Woman smelling cup of coffee

There was a time, somewhere back in the deep, dark annals of health-related research, that coffee drinkers were shamed into believing that their morning wakeup call and afternoon pick-me-up might be accompanied by a slew of ghastly side effects ranging from incontinence, insomnia and indigestion to a spike in blood pressure, hallucinations and heart trouble. … Read more