Older Dogs Need Special Care: Helping Senior Dogs Enjoy Their Final Years

A senior dog with its owner.

Was it only yesterday that you brought home that bouncy, four-legged furball with the squeaky bark and the mischievous eyes? Just how long did it take for your newest family member to assume ownership of your slippers, your favorite chair, your home and your heart? Like it or not, time passes and our beloved pets … Read more

Dog Has Boot Scoot?

Graphic of dog who is scratching itself

Five minutes into your dinner party, your dog meanders in to greet your guests. Seconds after he enters the room, he plops down and scoots his boot for about 2 feet and then stops to lick his paws or scratch an ear. The symptoms are more than embarrassingly obvious, but the root cause is often … Read more

Separation Anxiety in Pets

Photo of a dog sitting on the floor surrounded by toilet paper

Once upon a time, Greenville resident Harold Moore had two dogs. Their names were Lexi and Super Jack. Both were dachshunds, and both were well-behaved and mild-mannered – until one day Moore went to take Lexi to the vet and Super Jack pitched a fit. Because this had never happened before, Moore naturally wondered what … Read more

Bowel Obstruction: Curious Dogs Often Eat the Wrong Thing

Photo of a dog laying down

Corn cobs, bones, portions of a tennis ball, rocks, hunks of wood and five clear, palm-sized squeakers. This list may sound like a landfill inventory, but it’s actually items that veterinarians have dislodged from dogs’ stomachs and intestines. “There are so many interesting things we have pulled,” explained Jeremy Libby, DVM, the medical director and … Read more

Gifts for Naughty and Nice Pets

A photo of pets with Santa hats on

Santa is checking his list and checking it twice to see which family pet has been naughty or nice. As pets make it to Santa’s list and family members shop for them, they should keep this goal in mind: gifts, especially toys, should be species-appropriate, appeal to the pet’s natural instincts and provide enrichment that … Read more

Parvovirus Risk Can Be Close To Zero

Very young dogs are most likely to become infected with parvovirus. According to Dr. Steele, "There is a vaccine that has proved very effective in preventing parvovirus infection. We can almost guarantee that your puppy will not get the virus if he or she is up to date on their vaccinations."

In late summer, Michigan made national headlines when a mysterious illness that local, state and federal agencies identified as a parvo-like virus killed hundreds of dogs. Parvovirus is killing dogs in Michigan. Here’s What To Know – The Washington Post An Illness Sickening and Killing Dogs in Michigan is Puzzling Investigators – Time Magazine “Parvovirus … Read more