Tips on Running the Cooper River Bridge Run

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Title Graphic: Tips on Running the Cooper River Bridge RunIf you are signed up for the Cooper Bridge Run, consider these tips from Benita Shaw. The race is right around the corner and it is time to prepare.


  • The true beginner should consider walk/running.
  • If you haven’t trained well by March, consider just having fun and not worrying about a time.
  • Corrals go off every two to three minutes, which has made the race much safer. Make sure you keep your own space.


  • Eat clean for the month before the race. You don’t want to put on weight before the race.
  • Start hydrating weeks before the race – no beer, wine or soft drinks. A little salt retains hydration.
  • Water is available at every mile. If one of the stops is too crowded, just get water at the next stop.
  • Eat bland the morning of the race.
  • Practice what you will eat weeks before the race by signing up for a 5k to mimic what you will do in the Cooper River Bridge Run on race day.
  • It helps to eat something the morning of the race because of blood sugar. A half a bagel is recommended.


  • Lay out clothing and pin your number to your shirt the night before.
  • Layer so that you can get rid of one layer by race time. Old clothing that you can throw away is best.
  • There is a whole team of people that clean up the start area after the race begins. Wearing a trash bag that you can throw away at the start is popular.


  • It is usually cool in the early morning and warms up at race time.
  • Move around and jog in place to stay warm before the race.
  • Stay loose so that muscles don’t get cold and tighten.


  • You need to be early for the race.
  • Buses start at 5 a.m.


  • A quarter of a mile jog to warm up is perfect. Jogging from where the buses dropped you off or from where you parked is a good idea.
  • Stretching is recommended, more after the race than before.


  • If you get new shoes, make sure they are not too tight. You don’t want to get blisters.
  • Put Vaseline on your feet before you pull on your socks.
  • Tie shoelaces in a double knot. The race is very crowded, and you don’t want to fall.

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