Women In Health: Dr. Kari Ryan

Photo of Dr. Kari Ryan

Describe the person and provider you are striving to be. My mission is to connect with patients and provide them support, healing, positive energy, confidence and love. I do this by helping them to feel ‘seen’ as an individual with unique needs and goals. This takes time and communication, which is why we schedule two … Read more

Women In Health: Jenny Cheek, LMT, Courtney Stearn, DPT, PRC, Cindy Malone, Reflexologist and Gina Aicardi, DPT

Group photo of Cheek, Stearn, Malone, Aicardi

What or who inspires you? (Jenny) I am continuously inspired by those whose quality of life has suffered and are in search of someone who cares, listens and validates their experiences. As a massage therapist, my cup is filled leaving people feeling better than when they arrived. I don’t take for granted that my hands … Read more

Women In Health: Dr. Dana Blalock

Photo of Dr. Dana Blalock

How would you describe your journey to becoming the doctor you are today? I have been a general and cosmetic dentist for over 30 years. However, 10 years ago, I attended my first training course in the etiology and treatment of sleep apnea. Seeing the difference that an oral appliance can make in a patient’s … Read more

Women In Health: Judi Annunziata, LPN, CDP, Renee Snipe, CNA, CDP, Denise Kish, LNHA, CRCFA, CDP and Leanne Lovin, CDP

Photo of Snnunziata, Snipe, Kish, Lovin

How would you describe your journey to becoming the health leader you are today? Most of us were introduced to long-term care through a relative or friend that we cared for. None of us felt that we would stay in this industry, but, once we connected to the beauty of caring for those in need, … Read more

Women In Health: Kristi Martin

Photo of Kristi Martin

What routines and habits help you prepare for, or recover from, a day’s challenges? I wake up each morning and make myself a cup of coffee after making sure all three of my children are awake and getting ready for school. While they are preoccupied, I take a few minutes to curl up in my … Read more

Women In Health: Dr. Araby Ammons

Photo of Dr. Araby Ammons

How would you describe your journey to becoming the dentist you are today? My journey has been challenging but ultimately extremely rewarding. I knew from a young age that I wanted a career that allowed me to have the freedom to be a mom as well as a career where I could make a difference … Read more