Women In Health: Judi Annunziata, LPN, CDP, Renee Snipe, CNA, CDP, Denise Kish, LNHA, CRCFA, CDP and Leanne Lovin, CDP

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How would you describe your journey to becoming the health leader you are today?

Most of us were introduced to long-term care through a relative or friend that we cared for. None of us felt that we would stay in this industry, but, once we connected to the beauty of caring for those in need, we all made it our life work. Alzheimer’s is a personal journey for us all – grandparents, aunts or a patient we cared for with Alzheimer’s led us to memory care. Each one of us feel it’s our God-given work.

What routines and habits help you prepare for, or recover from, a day’s challenges?

Praying and time outside always helps us recover and sometimes just “mucking” it up with laughter brings us recovery. As a team, we lean on each other – it makes us the team we are. We experience many challenges with residents, families, staff and building needs. But we all come together and do what’s best for our residents.

Describe a moment you felt like giving up. Why didn’t you?

COVID was the moment we all felt like giving up. We had no control, but we had each other. Prayer, support and the commitment to our residents and each other held us together.

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How do you respond to the challenges of being a woman in the health care field?

In our environment, women are the primary workers and leaders, but no team of women is complete without other women and men engaged in their mission with them. We don’t see women and men, white and black and other – we see heart and that’s how we meet our challenges. As a team of women, we focus on our residents, creating a positive environment of love and harmony that is our calling.

What or who inspires you?

As we sit together to answer these questions, we all agree that each of our grandmothers were one of the most impactful women in our lives. Their values, love and caring spirit guide each of us. As we grow older, they still inspire us, and we understand why they lived with those foundations. We each hope one day someone will speak about our faith, love and contributions as we are speaking about our grandmothers.

Describe the person and provider you strive to be.

We want to continue to be the leaders in Alzheimer’s and dementia for all stages of the disease. However, more importantly, we want to be the group you can trust and depend on to make your loved one’s days the best they can be. At MPG, we have a saying: BeMPG – be excellent, motivated, purposeful and gracious. We take that motto to all our joys and challenges.

What great mentorship have you received? What made it great?

We learn a lot from our faith, first and foremost. Our doctors – Dr. Kleckley, Dr. Morgan and Dr. Bryan – and other health groups – Fox, Preferred Pharmacy, Amedisys, Lutheran Hospice – that partner with us have taught us all so well. As a team, each one of us brings a wealth of knowledge from our past positions and experiences, and we mentor each other.

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