Women In Health: Kristi Martin

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What routines and habits help you prepare for, or recover from, a day’s challenges?

I wake up each morning and make myself a cup of coffee after making sure all three of my children are awake and getting ready for school. While they are preoccupied, I take a few minutes to curl up in my recliner with my coffee and look out my back window to watch the sun rise. I cherish each morning however it’s presented, and I use this time to enjoy a few minutes of silent prayer and appreciate all the blessings I have in my life.

Describe a moment you felt like giving up. Why didn’t you?

Shortly after losing my husband, Henry Martin, to COVID-19 on Oct. 10, 2021, I wanted to give up. I had never felt so defeated and devastated. I felt as if all eyes were on me to make sure everything he built would survive. With the incredible staff and my sister, Rachel Clark, my rock and Henry’s office manager of almost 25 years, we united even stronger to continue to provide the service he was passionate about and to carry on his legacy.

How do you respond to the challenges of being a woman in the health care field?

I treat my business like I treat my family and my home. Those who make up the business and those we provide for are highly regarded and cared for. Over 20 years in the health care field and life experiences have taught me to be creative and com passionate yet realistic when approaching challenges that arise.

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Describe the person and provider you strive to be.

I was born and raised in Charleston, where Southern values of hard work, honesty, respect, faith and trust were taught and expected. I strive to keep these values a priority in my personal life as well as in my professional life. My goal – our goal – is to build and strengthen relationships based on our extensive history of providing smiles with the caliber, consistency, communication and support we are known for.


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